Linear Strip Photography
sCaNoN photography
by Todd E. Gaul


what is a sCaNoN?

this is not a "stich"

All effects are created
~ in-camera ~

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What is a sCaNoN?  
A sCaNoN is made from existing and widely available camera parts and accessories. It is, simply, a Canon AE-1 with a Power Winder A. Each slightly modified. A 1mm slit has been installed to replace the shutter and the motor drive turns continuously when turned on.
It employs the principles of a photo finish camera in that the film travels past a slit at a constant rate while in continuous exposure. When these motions are balanced with other motions such as rotation, and linear action, interesting results occur.
Many models have preceded this one, but none could have been started without the inspiration from Andrew Davidhazy of the Rochester Institute of Technology. See his related article here. It is where you can find all the math you'll ever need to take something like this on yourself.
Also, see Scott Maiden's inspirations from the same teachings.
Old technology, new photos.

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